Your Data Organized

Financial services enterprises are struggling with data spread across tens or even hundreds of systems.   Regulation and risk are requiring that you provide a consistent view across this landscape, and our Extropik product does exactly that.

Extropik is an Enterprise Product that uses state of the art AI to crawl through multiple sources of data and identify how the data is related.

Ready for the Cloud

Today’s investors need a digital platform they can rely on,  its not about “Cloud-washing” their existing solutions or simply throwing everything into a database with a web front-end.

Ibria is a new data management platform designed for the cloud,  built to allow you to run core services (such as investment accounting) and also open and accessible through a rich set of APIs.

Accounting as a Service

Today’s investment management services are running on yesterday’s accounting technology.  Core systems that are decades old, closed and aging solutions that are no longer able to provide the core data services needed for the new digital platform.

We took the experience and approach from a highly celebrated accounting platform and have re-engineered it to run in our Ibria cloud platform. Accounting never looked so good

Our enterprise products can help you regain control of your data, and our cloud offerings can show you how a data platform can provide the basis of the future digital platform.

Together they are the road ahead.

Development Platform

So much of the future state of the digital investment platform depends on your developers and your data science teams.

Rather than locking your information away we want to make it fully accessible and allow you to build on it.   Both Extropik and Ibria provide rich API’s to enable you to leverage your information to drive your strategies forward.


We believe that investors are a community,  and that in the future we will see more collaboration than ever.

Our cloud platforms are aimed to provide a foundation for that collaboration,  letting people work together to solve the common issues and make regulation an easier problem to solve.

Need Help?

Today’s technology landscape is more complex than ever.  Are you struggling to define an approach or get your data in the right shape to answer the questions you have been posed.

We are here to help,  we can quickly start a Proof of Concept with our Extropik team and give immediate results.

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