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Financial services enterprises are struggling with data spread across tens or even hundreds of systems.   Regulation and risk are requiring that you provide a consistent view across this landscape, and our platform does exactly that.

As a Data Exploration tool we can quickly enable a SME to catalog a number of data sources,  then they are able to use our algorithms to build up a picture of the types of data available.   From there we can start to use algorithms to reconstruct relationships between the data that we’re missing or have been corroded over time.

Ready for the Cloud

Not every organization wants an on-premise implementation.  More and more we hear people wanting to solve difficult data challenges in an ad-hoc way.

We firmly believe it iterative delivery of value,  and if your data can be securely moved to our cloud hosted infrastructure we can bring those quick results in place.

Our Data Platform is completely available as a hosted service in Amazon.

Rich Connectivity

Our platform has a rich set of connectivity.  We can support pulling data from file formats,  RDBMS,  Mongo and even SaaS and more.

The platform is able to extract both metadata from these sources and also ingest data directly in order to run our algorithms.

We believe in empowering the business with data science not creating a whole new group,   data is important to everyone and bringing it together is more than a data shipping exercise.

Pendo can help you regain control of your enterprise data, and our cloud deployment can show you how a data platform can bring your data together, repair corrupted relationships and help you meet regulatory requirements and monetize the information you have already paid to gather.

Development Platform

While we have a rich user experience,  and our focus is on enabling SME’s to maximize their capabilities we always understand that the future of technology is the ability to integrate.

Every feature of the platform is available through our API’s which are accessible from almost any language.   You can script,  integrate and extract data easily.

All the metadata,  all the results and even the work flow is available to power your next data development project.


We believe that solving problems is best done as a community.

Our support platform is available for all clients to share their stories,  and our cloud offering allows you to provide access to 3rd parties to help you succeed.

Together we will change the data landscape.

Need Help?

Today’s technology landscape is more complex than ever.  Are you struggling to define an approach or get your data in the right shape to answer the questions you have been posed.

We are here to help,  we can quickly start a Proof of Concept and give immediate results.

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