Pendo Digital Data Discovery Platform

Financial services enterprises are struggling with data spread across many systems.

Pendo Digital Data Discovery Platform

WHAT is it?

  • Data management and intelligence platform
  • Provides exploration, discovery and analysis capabilities
  • Includes multiple disparate data sources, structured and unstructured data

WHAT does it do?

  • Leverages a set of adjustable, probabilistic algorithms
  • Classifies, searching and matching data
  • Creates a superior understanding of data

WHY is it important?

  • Focuses on “Dark Data”, data held in legacy systems across the organization
  • Data with little to no transparency or common identifiers
  • Provides new found understanding used to quickly complete incremental projects
What is the Pendo Digital Data Discovery Platform

Platform Architecture

Our Architecture provides flexibility to integrate with any environment with our comprehensive API.


The Pendo Digital Data Discovery Platform (PD³P) is based on component architecture around a core metadata model, enabled to capture information from your systems and store the relationships the Platform builds from it.

The PD³P provides a modern, web based UI that is based on a self-service model. Business-focused users can aggregate data sources and quickly extract metadata, as well as index some or all of the data to enable the Platform’s classification and matching capabilities.

Initially, the PD³P builds an emergent taxonomy from which users leverage classification algorithms to uncover the relationships between data attributes. The Platform then builds a view that enables users to align the data sources and view the data in a consistent and unified table.

Based on this newly created unified table view, users can determine if existing relationships are in place or if reconstruction of these relationships is required. The PD³P uses adjustable, probabilistic algorithms to create match sets of data that align all data sources.

Finally, the PD³P can either move these enriched data sets to storage for use by a BI team, or to an IT team for distribution across the enterprise via existing tools.


Eco-System Positioning

The Pendo Digital Data Discovery Platform operates in tandem with your existing architecture and does not disrupt any of your current production systems.


Case Studies

  • Risky Business

    We often find that an application is added to support an operational process, such as capturing client information in support for a process. In thi...

  • CCAR

    Complying with CCAR provisions is a daunting task for all levels of banking organizations

  • Mis-Priced Policies

    In an increasingly competitive market, with insurers battling against economic and regulatory headwinds

  • Basel III

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  • A Broken Chain

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Industry Solutions

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Asset Management
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