The Pendo Platform quickly recovers and provides instant access to your unstructured data

Banking. Insurance. Asset Management.

What is the Pendo Platform?

  • Self-serve data management & intelligence platform
  • Provides exploration, discovery and analysis capabilities
  • Harmonizes multiple, disparate data sources: structured and unstructured

What does the Pendo Platform do?

  • Leverages a set of adjustable probabilistic algorithms
  • Classifies, searches and matches data
  • Enables a complete understanding of what’s in your data

Why is the Pendo Platform Useful?

  • Focuses on the data locked in legacy systems and millions of files across the organization
  • Able to find data with little to no transparency or common identifiers

Pendo Platform Use Cases

Loan Lineage

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Mortgage Risk Modeling

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Derisking A Risk Model

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Loan Servicing Agreements

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Intelligence Inside

The Pendo Platform adjusts and learns in real-time to get you answers. Fast.

Machine Learning Identifies Missed Documents

Cluster documents to suit and the platform will provide suggestions to recover other relevant/missed data

OCR That Recovers Mission Critical Information

Our customized OCR tool means you have a wide range of options to guarantee full data recovery

Real-Time Data Correction Algorithms

Our real-time data correction algorithms are a powerful supplement to our OCR tool and work to ‘fill in the gaps’ caused by poor quality data files

Vertical Stack AI

There’s no such thing as generally intelligent AI, it’s either designed to solve a specific problem or it doesn’t work. The Pendo Platform’s Vertical Stack AI is specifically calibrated to recover unstructured data.

Discover Relationships in Structured and Unstructured Data

Relationship discovery is how Pendo started and we have many ways to find the connections between structured and unstructured data to help you link and leverage your data

Data Evolution

Data changes and evolves over time, the Pendo Platform can track that evolution and provide emergent understanding to ensure you stay one-step ahead

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