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We specialize in Data Intelligence through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence turning your data into information for today’s & tomorrow’s solutions.

Pamela Cytron Chief Executive Officer pamela@pendosystems.com

Philip Dodds Chief Technical Officer philip.dodds@pendosystems.com

David Cohen Director david@pendosystems.com

Alex Britnell Sales Director alex.britnell@pendosystems.com

Anne Pruitt Senior Engineer anne@pendosystems.com

Nicholas Bowles Data Analyst nicholas.bowles@pendosystems.com

Eric Caruthers Architect eric.caruthers@pendosystems.com

Amadea Dodds Senior Engineer amadeapaula@pendosystems.com

Monique McDonald Executive Assistant monique.mcdonald@pendosystems.com

Juan Osuna Chief Architect juan@pendosystems.com

Lecia Pearce Data Scientist lecia.pearce@pendosystems.com

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